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What Causes Water Damage?

March 13, 2024

Water damage impacts many homeowners. Knowing the common causes of water damage can help prevent it.

Water damage is a very common problem that most homeowners will face at some point in their lives. It causes significant harm to not only your home but also your personal belongings and even your health. Water damage occurs for various reasons, including changes in weather, leaking pipes, and household appliances. Preventing water damage is a top priority, so it is essential to know the causes of this water damage and what it looks like.

Water Damage Restoration in Charleston

In this blog post, our team of experts will go over the common causes of water damage in your home that you should be aware of.

Household Appliances

Neglecting the care of appliances in your home is one of the top reasons for water damage. It is extremely important to take care of them to the best of your ability to avoid damage and extend the appliance's life. Air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators are among the most common appliances that cause issues when not properly maintained. These appliances require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly and do not cause water damage. Once any of these appliances begin to leak and cause damage, it’s essential to get water damage restoration immediately to mitigate the damage.

Weather Changes

While the change in weather isn’t necessarily something you can always plan for, you can definitely try to be prepared. When the weather suddenly transitions from hot to cold, it is particularly hard on your pipes. If you notice the temperatures dropping, turn off the outdoor water lines and disconnect garden hoses to avoid any bursting. Heavy rain can also cause a lot of water damage. Gutters that are blocked with debris during a storm will flood your basement and walls and might even tear the gutters if the weight becomes unbearable. Before any significant storm, try to take the steps of preparation as best you can.

Leaky or Burst Pipes

Leaky or burst pipes are another common problem that can be caused by many different issues, such as corrosion, which may result from hard water, chemicals poured down the pipes, or improperly fitted pipes. It is crucial to replace the corroded pipes as soon as possible to avoid any of your pipes bursting. High water pressure is another reason for leaky pipes. Pipes can only handle a specific maximum of pressure, and exceeding that can cause them to burst. If your water pressure was regular, changes in weather or clogged pipes could be the culprits. Lowering the pressure is necessary to prevent pipe bursts, so it's essential to take the required steps.

Water damage is a common occurrence that can happen to anyone at any time. Because of that, it is key to have the right professionals to assist you with water damage restoration. Whether you have previously encountered water damage or are experiencing it for the first time, Clean Rite Cleaning & Restoration is always available to provide you with the necessary restoration services. Regardless of the source of water damage, you can rely on our team to assist you at any time

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