Some of our most important moments take place on the floor.

Let's face it - sometimes we spend more time on the floor in front of the couch, than on the couch itself!

Of course you want your carpets to be as clean as possible. Professionally cleaned carpets look better, last longer and are healthier for you. Most customers report an immediate improvement in the air quality of their home after carpet cleaning, as well as a dramatically improved appearance. It only makes sense to protect your investment - and your family. Regular carpet cleaning can double the life of your carpet, for a fraction of the cost!

At Clean Rite, we primarily use the hot water extraction method of professional carpet cleaning which is recommended by the carpet manufacturers. Many people call this "steam cleaning", but to be technically accurate (because that's what we do!) it's not quite steam since the water is not heated to 212ºF.

For specific applications, we also offer bonnet cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, and even dry cleaning. Our technicians are trained in carpet identification to ensure that we use the best process for your floors.

Professional carpet cleaning can help:

  • Extract deep soils and stains
  • Remove contaminants that may have been tracked in from outdoors
  • Improve the appearance of wear in high-traffic areas
  • Protect carpet fibers by removing the particulates, soils, and oils that grind away and deteriorate the fibers - especially in high-traffic areas
  • Removing soils also helps extend the life of the carpet
  • Protect your carpet from future stains with protectant applications, such as Scotchgard™

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our four step process includes:

  • Protecting your furniture and walls
  • Preparing the carpet with a vacuum pre-cleaning and/or stain spot treatments
  • Application of our proprietary cleaning solution
  • Hot water extraction cleaning
  • Optional 3M™ Scotchgard™ Carpet & Upholstery Protector and/or deodorizing treatment

Your carpet cleaning questions answered!

Your carpet cleaning needs will vary depending on use (a family with 5 kids and a dirt driveway will need more cleanings than a single person in a high-rise apartment) but carpet manufacturers recommend annual cleanings. While your carpet may not look particularly dirty just remember that all the dust that lands on your furniture also lands on the carpet, it’s just falling down in the fibers. Can you imagine if you only dusted once a year?

A deep cleaning will extract all the dust and allergens and make your home cleaner and fresher, plus it will add years to the life of your carpets!

Before we even start, our certified technician will walk through the area and identify stained or discolored areas. Our regular cleaning will remove many discolorations but each van is stocked with a selection of specialty spot removers to help us remove most stains. On very difficult or old stains, full removal may not be possible but we can usually improve it dramatically.

While inexpensive home “steam” cleaners and rentals exist, they just don’t compare to what our truck-mounted extraction systems and professional technicians and commercial cleansers can do. While they may provide a small improvement, they don’t penetrate deep into the fibers and usually leave a lot of dirt and soap behind. Not to mention the cost of the equipment, chemicals and your time!

Our technicians will move most items of furniture and work around larger heavier pieces. If you require that any larger items be moved, let us know and we can ensure that two technicians are sent for your cleaning.

No! Greg Raso started Clean Rite in 1998 with a single van. We now proudly serve all of Rhode Island and nearby Eastern Connecticut with our fleet of trucks and talented technicians, but you will still find Greg at the shop every day, training and assisting with your concerns!

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