About Tile & Grout Cleaning

Sweeping and mopping will help keep the surface of the tile clean but actually pushes much of the dirt and debris into the lower grout lines. Our hot water extraction system actually pulls all the dirt, grime, and cleaning solution back out and taken away on our truck with us! Do-it-yourself products promise big results but don’t have the power to actually get the job done. Our technicians are trained to use, and are equipped with, a wide variety of specialized commercial cleansers that allow them to remove many stains that regular products couldn’t handle. The wrong product could even damage your grout or natural stone tiles!

Stone tile cleaning is particularly important as softer stones, such as marble, travertine, and limestone, readily absorbs stains and can be scratched by traffic or abrasive cleaning products. We have specialized products just for stone tile cleaning and sealing. We also offer stone tile polishing to restore your floor or shower tiles to their original shine. We are South County, Rhode Island’s best source for professional on-site residential and commercial cleaning services.


Professional cleaning differs from a regular mopping in several ways. We use industrial strength cleaners and stain removers which penetrate deep into the grout. We scrub the surface and clean it with our hot water steam heads and then we extract all of the dirt and grime to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Absolutely! Our technicians receive advanced training in the care of natural stone. We can even polish softer stones like marble to return their original shine. We also carry all of the specialty sealants to ensure that it keeps its luster.

My grout is really stained, can you save it?

In many cases, our specialty stain removers can save even badly stained grout. Some stains penetrate too deeply into unsealed grout and cannot be removed without causing damage. In those cases, we can apply a specialty grout sealant that also recolors the grout.

Do you seal grout?

Yes, we seal grout and natural stone. Cementitious grout(which is what is used in most homes) should be resealed every two years! This is especially important in wet areas like showers. After a good cleaning, it’s the perfect time to apply a new coat of sealer to ensure that your grout or stone tile is protected from future stains

Can you change the color of my grout?

As long as the grout is in good condition, without cracks or missing pieces, it’s a great candidate for our specialty grout sealant, ColorSeal. You can pick from a wide variety of colors to revive badly stained grout, or just update the look of your tiled area. The best part is that it is just a fraction of the cost of regrouting!

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