Rug Cleaning Techniques

Clean Rite offers four different area rug cleaning options. Selecting the best method depends on the style of rug, and how soiled it is.

In-home Area Rug Cleaning

'This option is great for most lightly soiled rugs as they can be cleaned right at your home and you can begin using them again as soon as they are dry, usually within 2-4 hours. Because the rug will be cleaned in place, the type of flooring under the rug is a factor as some types could be damaged by the moisture.

Area Rug Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, area rugs are brought back to our facility where they are thoroughly dry-vacuumed on both sides and then cleaned with our hot water extraction equipment. Because the rug is cleaned, and then dried in our commercial facility here in South Kingstown, RI, we are able to use more hot water and clean more deeply than we could in your home. After drying, the rug is wrapped and stored in our facility until delivery.

Full Submersion Area Rug Cleaning

For rugs that need a particularly thorough cleaning either due to heavy soiling, staining, or odors, the full submersion cleaning is the best option. The rug is placed in a shallow bath with a specialized cleaning solution and then the solution is drawn through the rug, fully cleaning it from the roots up. After this process, an extended drying is necessary.

Dry Cleaning

Certain delicate rugs and/or fibers benefit from a dry cleaning process where specialized dry cleaning chemicals are used instead of water. Our technicians are trained to identify which rugs may require this process.

Regular area rug cleaning will result in an improved appearance, longer life, and fewer allergens in your home.

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