Sewage Clean-Up Services

Sewage damage is a severe problem. Experiencing a sewage backup or overflow is damaging to your property and dangerous to your health. Whether it's a backup from a neighborhood sewer system breakdown or water runoff from a storm, Clean Rite responds with the right tools, expert training, and techniques to remove the hazards and repair the damages.

What Causes Sewage Backups?

  • Solid Flushes – The most common cause of sewage backup is a blockage. This can be dirt, hair, cat litter, build up of grease, or flushing something too large for the pipes to handle, such as socks, disposable diapers, or menstrual products.
  • Main Sewer Blockage – the main lines can also get blocked- in fact during the early months of the 2020 pandemic, many city sewer lines were overwhelmed by disposable disinfecting wipes being flushed. When the main lines are blocked, sewage can back up through toilets, shower drains, and sinks.
  • Flooding – During torrential rains, sewer lines tend to fill up with water faster than they drain. Water then flows back through floor drains, causing overflows.
  • Structural Deficiencies – This includes problems with sewer service lines such as cracks, holes, pipe collapses, sags along the line, and offset or open joints.

A sewage backup may look like clear water - there are not always visible solids, but this does not meant the water is safe. there will be many pathogens in the water. Don't try cleaning it yourself. Call the professionals at Clean Rite - we will ensure the job is done properly and safely!

Protect yourself and others in the area first

  • Block off the area so that other adults, children, and pets cannot become exposed to the mess - or track it into other areas.
  • If it's safe to do so, open as many windows as possible for now (later these will need to be closed for dehumidification, but right now ventilation is more important)
  • Work with a professional restoration company - they will have the proper PPE to perform the clean up - the exposure to all of the viruses and bacteria is not worth the risk