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What To Expect After Fire Damage Occurs In Your Home—The Steps For Fire Cleanup

April 07, 2023

Most homeowners don't know the next steps once a fire happens in their homes. Having knowledge of the first few steps of what should be done right after can help you and your family feel and be safe.

Fires are one of the worst things homeowners can imagine happening to their homes. Fire is extremely scary, and even small fires can be very dangerous. Not only does fire damage what it touches, but smoke and soot can affect parts of your home that the flames did not reach. If you have experienced fire damage in your home, here are the steps you can expect to be taken when it comes to restoring your house and possessions.

1. Safety First

Fires are extremely dangerous, even after the flames themselves have been extinguished. When a professional restoration company comes into your home following a fire, they will first make sure that it is safe. Because fire can lead to other dangerous problems, it is vital to make sure that the professionals check it out for you before you try to go inside. Fire can lead to flooding, and standing water might be electrified, putting you at risk of electric shock. Your home’s structure can also be affected, and you do not want to step where it is unsafe.

2. Removing Water

No matter how big the fire was, it was likely put out with water. No one wants to have to deal with both fire AND water damage. So once it is safe, technicians will search for signs of water damage and make sure it gets cleaned up immediately. They will also protect anything in danger of the outside elements and weather to ensure no further damage occurs.

3. Remove Smoky Odors And Move Out Affected Possessions

Of course, with fire comes smoke. The smell of smoke can remain for a long time after the fire is extinguished. Professional technicians use “air scrubbers,” which will eliminate the smoky smell from your house and remove any remaining soot particles that might be lingering in the air. The cleanup process will then begin by removing any of your possessions that need to be cleaned and restored off-site.

4. Restoration And Putting It All Back Together

Everything that has been moved off-site will be professionally cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Meanwhile, everything else in your home will also be thoroughly cleaned. Any items that are damaged by soot will be removed. The smell of smoke will be eliminated, and everything in your home will be restored to the way you want it. Once everything is back to the way it was before, your newly cleaned possessions will be returned to your home.

Fire Damage Restoration—Rhode Island

If you have experienced any kind of fire damage in your home, do not try to clean it up yourself. It can be very dangerous. Instead, call the professionals at Clean Rite to check your house and make sure it is safe. With their experience, they will then get everything cleaned up and restored for you so you can have the peace of mind that your home is restored and no damage remains.

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